Besides flooring, we perform charitable work in Hawaii and beyond

Your tiling projects help fund caring non-profit organizations

At Trinity Tile, we don't only concern  ourselves with flooring. Since the starting of Trinity Tile, my family  and I have had a commitment to caring for abused and at risk children  here in Hawaii and the rest of the world. Read more about our mission to  serve communities in Hawaii and beyond. 

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International Outreach


 I have traveled to places like Thailand and East Timor and have seen it with my own eyes.  A part of our tiling profit  goes to Rescuing Children from the sex trade and fighting human  trafficking and providing meals and educational programs as a partner  with Serving Our World. 

Local Community Outreach


 We are committed to serving our local Hawaiian community. Our local community outreach includes:   

  • Mayor Rights projects 
  • Youth Interaction Programs
  • Internship for Youth at Trinity Tile
  • Local care for the elderly
  • Kuhio Park Terrace
  • Being a mentor/big brother
  • Middle school projects